In this first episode , the Running Man members gathered on the rooftop of the SBS building to start the opening , they greeted each other and unexpectedly it started raining but they still continued filming .

Yoo Jae Suk introduced the Running Man members one by one, but the rain was getting heavier so the opening was fast. They introduced themselves while it was raining. After a while the rain stopped. At the end of the opening, Ji Suk Jin made all the members laugh because he used an old-school style. at that time he said "Running, Man, Bang", that's a pretty interesting start to start a new variety show entitled "Running Man".

The place to do missions is at Times Square Mall, Running Man members are divided into 2 teams

Blue team / Expensive team Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Joong Ki, Hwang Jung Eum

Red team / Cheap team Ji Suk Jin , Haha , Kang Gary , Lee Hyori

The first mission is to find the secret code hidden in the Time Square Mall in one of the places, they are given a clue that is where the most expensive place is.

The Cheap team managed to find the code by Lee Hyori at a jewelry store.

The second mission is to use clothes that are hung simultaneously, the members compete in a speed competition, the first to finish is the winner, this game is divided into 3 rounds, if one team immediately gets 2 wins in a row then that team is the winner.

The first round was won by the blue team / Expensive team easily, for the second round there was a fierce battle between Lee Hyori and Hwang Jung Eum, they grabbed each other's hair and cheated on each other, and the winner of this second round was Hwang Jung Eum from the Expensive team.

After that the Expensive team was given a clue to guess the place with 4 words, the first to find the secret code is the winner.

Cheap's team rushed to the roof after finding out the clue, Cheap's team almost managed to get a hint of the secret code, but Lee Kwang Soo by a small margin managed to get the secret code, Expensive team won in this second mission.

The third mission is a cockfight, each member asking each other questions by wearing a hat that has been designed to face each other, to bet on who will start the cockfight first.

The team who got the first turn was the Cheap team, they fought 50 people who had been prepared by the Running Man Producers to compete in a cockfight, the team that was the last to beat the volunteer was the winner.

The two teams re - enter Times Square Mall to find a secret code that has been hidden somewhere , and it was Cheap 's team who found it .

 The fourth mission is the last mission, the two competing teams must stand on the podium to be photographed, and the member with the most faces in the photo, at the end they have to guess the secret code and the one who guesses is the Expensive team.

Expensive team was able to get out of Times Square Mall on time while Cheap team had to receive punishment, of the four members only two members were punished, and the survivors of the punishment were Kang Gary, and Lee Hyori, while Ji Suk Jin and Haha had to finish their sentence to can go home.

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